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BHS Unified Basketball: Bulldogs vs Lancers

The BHS Unified Basketball team played hard January 30, scoring 36 points against the Londonderry Lancers. The Lancers eventually overcame the Bulldogs, but despite the loss, the BHS team kept calling out their support and encouragement like always, finishing with their traditional congratulations for the other team.

The BHS and LHS teams exchange high fives and congratulations after the game.

Many dependable scorers and enthusiastic players make up the team. Good sportsmanship abounds during practices and games alike; applause can be heard for points scored by either side.

#55, senior Stevie Lussier, scores one of his many baskets for the team.
#23, supersenior Riley Martin, lines up for a shot.
BHS and LHS teams battle over the ball after supersenior Matt Penick (#25) scores.


The team has grown to over 30 players, made up of students in all grades and of all abilities. Enthusiasm is palpable in every game, no matter what the score or skill of any opposing team may be. The supportive atmosphere, extending beyond practices and games, is made possible by the many athletes who volunteer to mentor their peers through this sport.

Their next game is Monday February 3 at 3:00 pm (click this link for the full schedule), so be sure to come out to support the BHS Unified Basketball team as they enter the second half of their season!


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