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Paris Olympics

It feels as though the last Summer Olympics was just yesterday, but in reality, we are just about 2 months away from the Paris games. The Olympic torch has arrived in Marseille, France, and with its arrival, the Torch Relay begins. The Torch Relay is an iconic bit of Olympic history, in which the Olympic torch travels around the host country to symbolize unity. The relay ends at the opening ceremony, when the flame lights the Olympic Cauldron. This year, the events begin on July 26 and last until August 11. They will be held in Paris, France; the city’s third year hosting. This year’s games will be the biggest event ever organized in France, with millions of spectators and billions of TV viewers worldwide. Paris 2024 Olympic Games says, “Hosting the biggest event in the world is going to change our country. It’s inevitable”, and “Paris’ iconic landmarks are being transformed into sporting arenas to offer spectators an unparalleled experience and provide an outstanding backdrop for sporting prowess”. These landmarks include Eiffel Tower Stadium, Grand Palais, and Château de Versailles.

To cater to a crowd of young athletes, Paris 2024 is integrating new sports that are closely associated with youth, creativity, and athletic performance. These sports include breaking (breakdancing), sport climbing, and surfing. Breaking, making its Olympic debut, will hold individual battles with “acrobatic movements” and “stylistic footwork,” improvised to the DJ’s beat. This new addition is a step toward the inclusion of urban sports and is a great transition from the historical times in which there were only nine available sports. In contrast, there will be 45 sports offered in this year’s Olympics. 

Making its second Olympic appearance is Skateboarding, first introduced in the 2021 Summer Olympics. Olympic skateboarding consists of a park segment and a street segment. In the park segment, competitors will do tricks in bowls and bends, judged by height and speed of their tricks, given three 45 second runs to impress the judges. The street setup is meant to mimic urban streets with handrails, stairs, and curbs. The success and continuation of the skateboarding event and the addition of events such as breakdancing has the potential to revolutionize the Olympic experience.

The festivities continue with the Paralympic Games, which begins August 28 and lasts through September 8. The Paris Paralympic experience is predicted to be “unforgettable” and “exceptional.” According to Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the IPC is working hard to ensure full accessibility to the disabled “so that all athletes, participants, and spectators can enjoy an experience that is free from any barriers.”

With the Paris Olympics rapidly approaching, excitement is building in the sports community and throughout the world. The Summer Olympics occur once every four years, and it is an opportunity for our world’s best athletes to showcase their skills and dedication internationally. Thousands of athletes will be competing for the honor of an Olympic medal, and they will be supported by countless spectators and supporters. Don’t miss out on the Paris 2024 Olympics!