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Five clubs for the conscientious student

The College Board has an entire page dedicated to what’s called “The Extracurricular Edge”; within this article, the website details just what Colleges seek in a high school student. Well-roundedness is a valued attribute, and may help you to snatch that spot in your dream school when competing against your peers. Of course, extracurriculars, on top of being a pretty jewel to add atop your treasure-chest of a college application, also offer a space for people with similar interests to you. In all of the following clubs, future friends and undiscovered interests await! The following details five clubs that may pique your interest, categorized by their overarching goals.

Are you passionate about impacting the lives of less fortunate children worldwide? UNICEF is an organization that stems beyond BHS; it is a global organization that helps children in need within 190 countries and territories. The organization protects children’s rights and has lowered child mortality rates worldwide. This club strives to advocate for children’s rights and extending help to children in our local community. They hope to fundraise to fund UNICEF, and the club usually does this through giving small ‘donation boxes’ to elementary school students to use during Halloween – trick, treat, or donate! This noble cause is one you can partake in by dropping by room 236 during Monday, Advisory A; contact Mrs. Dreyer for more information.

Do you have an interest in history, theatrics, or creating documentaries? National History Day is a global competition in which students create a year-long project centering around a certain theme throughout history. Participants can create documentaries, playwrights, write papers, or, as is most commonly chosen, create a poster-board presentation of their chosen time period. Bedford participants hope to make nationals this year, and intend to send as many students as possible to participate! Creativity is celebrated, and history enthusiasts will receive a warm welcome; NHD has mandatory bi-weekly meetings during Advisory B. Contact Ms. Dolce for more information.

Looking for a more laid-back, all-inclusive program? The Gay Straight Alliance club may be the perfect fit for you! This club is all about being a safe space for anyone to join; people of all gender identities and sexual orientations will receive a warm welcome. On top of being a fun, safe, community, GSA also conducts events to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity. You may have heard of the Day of Silence; that’s all the work of GSA! For those who participate, this day entails staying silent in order to pay homage to all of the members of the LGBTQ+ community that have felt silenced in expressing their identities. Contact Ms. Bennett, the club’s advisor, for more information regarding meeting times!

Are you seeking a sense of strengthened sense of community with your peers through team-building activities? The Ultimate Frisbee club has described its members as a ‘family’, and will certainly fulfill your social and active needs! The club has placed third in their state championships twice, and they received second place last year. This year, this club is looking to go all the way for states! The club is also extremely open to new members; as a co-ed program, and one that includes people at all levels, this club is a fantastic space for camaraderie and learning new skills!

Do you want to make a large impact on your local community? Veronica Gikas and Ally O’Neill’s joint club, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), intends to do just that. The club’s goals are to raise awareness of moms and kids around the globe who are in financial crisis; this bipartisan organization intends to directly address New Hampshire’s state legislatures in order to create regulations to assist less fortunate families on a local level. This club rewards democracy in action hours for your participation; which, by the way, are highly sought out by BHS students. Contact Veronica or Ally for more details regarding meeting times!