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The Ball is in Your “Court”

Courtney Dermody, Sophomore Bedford student, is an exceptional student and athlete, a true role model for Bedford High School students. Courtney is an avid lacrosse player all-year around and for the school in the spring season. She was actively involved as team member on the Unified basketball team this winter season of 2017-2018.

Unified Basketball is a varsity, co-ed basketball team for students with and without disabilities. It teaches students how to create friendships, and it strives to make real positive changes in the lives of the participants.

This is the first year Courtney has “decided to do Unified instead of regular basketball.” She explains, “because it’s a little bit less of a commitment, but I still wanted to be involved with basketball, and I have friends that have told me great things about it.” She enjoys the friends she has made, and the involvement of basketball and competition.

Unified Basketball practices Mondays and Wednesdays during advisory which is between 9:15AM and 9:30AM. They also practice after school on Wednesdays. So far, their practice has proved to be working at home court: they had celebrated victories against Nashua North and South.

Courtney is having a blast with the team so far this season. When asked to sum up the experience with one word, she answers, “Fun, because we’re always laughing.” The thing she most enjoys about the sport is that “when the kids score a basket, they get really excited, and it makes me really happy to see them happy.”