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My Topics 3! (Teachers)

Ms. McCarthy

Ms. McCarthy is the Employability, Rise skills, In Writing AB, and Life Science teacher at BHS. Ms. McCarthy works for me and all of my friends. On Block 1 everyday is Employability, Block 2 everyday is Rise Skills, Block R3 Rise Skills, Block S3 Life Science, Block R4 In Writing AB, and Block S4 Rise Skills. Georgio LIKES Ms. McCarthy for laughing with each other and high 5s!! Georgio taught her how to play Angry Birds 2. Ms. McCarthy makes funfetti cupcakes for the birthday students!  

Mr. Levasseur 

Mr. Levasseur is a skills teacher. He is also Georgio’s advisory teacher for Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mr. Levasseur brings food for the student’s birthdays and on Fridays. He checks all of my grades in my classes and said they are good!


Mrs. Cotnior

Mrs. Cotnoir is the speech assistant at Bedford High School. Mrs. Cotnoir comes to Roots of Thought AB and In Writing AB to support the students. Mrs. Cotnoir runs for the Boston marathon. Mrs. Cotnoir and Georgio had talking about reading the room. Mrs. Cotnoir works with Ms. McCarthy and Mrs. Monson