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Benson Boone: Fireworks and Rollerblades

Benson Boone, a new up and coming artist, released his debut pop album on April 5 of this year. The 21 year old started sharing his music on TikTok and was on American Idol in 2021, but left suddenly because he thought it would be better for his career. Also in 2021 he was signed to Night Street Records which was started by Imagine Dragons’ lead singer Dan Reynolds, and released many singles before Fireworks and Rollerblades, his first studio album. 

The songs on this album range from realistic, but sad and slow to upbeat and slightly chaotic masterpieces. Reaching number 1 on the Billboard Global 200 for more than seven weeks, “Beautiful Things” is a stuck-in-your-head, scream singing in the car kind of song that was first released on January 18th and is featured on this album. “Beautiful Things”, “My Greatest Fear”, and “Hello Love” are some of my favorite songs on this album. Overall this is an album that I listen to on repeat and don’t get tired of. Even the intro sounds amazing! Besides musically being impressive and different, this album has so many songs that are relatable in many situations. Whether it’s getting over an ex or longing for a personal friendship, this album has it all.

Here are all of the songs and a little about them:


With an easy beat and melody, the minute long intro to Boone’s debut album sounds great and seamlessly transitions into the next song, “Be Someone”.

“Be Someone”

This sweet, but upbeat song captures the want to be an important person for someone and promises that you will be there. The lyrics “it’s almost like you need someone / I promise I can be someone” capture this wish, and it is portrayed by Boone perfectly.

“Slow it Down”

This song was originally released on March 21st featuring a soft beat and the hope for time to slow down. “Take a moment now / We’re too young to drown” are some of the lyrics in the chorus that embody the whole song and help to convey the overall message about how slowing down and taking time for yourself is necessary.

“Beautiful Things”

This song was teased on TikTok and Instagram long before Boone released it on January 18th of this year. “Beautiful Things” is about the meaning of life, with Boone’s raw and emotional vocals adding another level to this prayer of a song. “If everything’s good and it’s great, why do I sit and wait ’til it’s gone?”


This is one of the more upbeat songs in the album and is similar musically to “Beautiful Things”, but completely the opposite lyrically. Some notable lyrics are: “I’d bite my tongue and let you think I only wish you well / I don’t, I know you know it”, and this song is full of more good break up lyrics.

“Forever and a Day”

From the title of this song you can perfectly predict what this love song is about. In the chorus, the lyrics “I’m yours forever and a day” stick out as being the most sentimental, about staying and loving someone forever. 

“In the Stars”

This song was originally released in 2022 and is inspired by the death of Boone’s grandmother. It reached the top 10s on charts in the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. “You took the best of my heart and left the rest in pieces” is a part of the chorus that has to be the most meaningful because these lyrics can be interpreted to fit many scenarios. 

“Drunk in My Mind”

“Was it imaginary” is one lyric from this song that sticks out because it and this song captures the feeling of being heartbroken by someone who might not have even cared. 

“My Greatest Fear”

As of my favorites on this album, this song is so poetic and sweet. In the chorus, Boone sings, “I’m terrified / of the day that I die / I’ll lie there all alone / no flowers on my bones”. This song is similar to “Beautiful Things” because Boone is conveying how his “greatest fear of all / is losing you”.

“There She Goes”

This song’s lyrics convey a feeling of confusion and loss of control in a relationship. “Out of the blue / Out of the clouds / And I can’t stop it now” is sung in the bridge of the song and shows the chaos found in it.

“Hello Love”

Along with many of the songs in this album, in “Hello Love”, Boone asks to be saved from a “storm”. It also mentions the name of the album in the bridge: “Like two fireworks tied to a rollerblade”. 

“Ghost Town”

This song is one of Boone’s first main singles released in 2021 and then put on this album as well. Joe Lynch, of the magazine Billboard, called this song an “elegant, lonely piano ballad”, and he’s not wrong. Lyrics like “You know I’ll stay, don’t you tempt me / But all this weight is getting heavy” display Boone’s authentic music writing.

“Love of Mine”

This has a soft, sweet melody about missing someone with lyrics like: “To try and remember what you’re like” in the chorus and “I’m just bones covered in skin” in the first verse, creating a poetic atmosphere to this song.


This is one song that is hard to get off repeat. It has a steady beat with relatable lyrics like “I’m tryin’ to remember what it’s like / To be young and alive / I’m so close to the edge / And I need a friend, I need a friend”. This has to be one of my favorite songs on the album, because like some of the others, it is very relatable and true.

“What Do You Want”

This song is one with a lot of questions like “So, please, what do you want from me?” and “Oh, please, what more can I be?”, which is something we all ask at some point. It has a changing beat with the chorus and bridge being upbeat and the first verse sounding almost like a lullaby. 


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