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College Visits at Bedford High School

College application season can be stressful: writing essays, staying on top of deadlines, and of all deciding where you truly want to go. With universities across the country, it’s difficult to visit each one that interests you. So what if the colleges came to you? Well, luckily, throughout the months of September and October, over 100 universities will be visiting BHS to provide information about college life at their schools. To attend these events, students must register through Naviance; below are step-by-step screenshots of how to register.

Under Colleges, select College Visits:

After, you will be taken to the following page:You may scroll or search for colleges, and once you find one of your interests simply click on Register Now. It’s that easy; now there is an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of universities across different states! If you do decide to attend an event during a class block, be sure to let your teachers ahead of time that you will be missing their class.


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