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BHS Settles It: Goldfish Verses Cheez-Its

The Rules

In the newest BHS Unleashed series, BHS Settles It, the most heated debates of our times will be settled by the students and staff of Bedford High School. Last week, BHS settled the age-old argument of Goldfish vs. Cheez Its. As I started my journey in uncovering the truth, I had to set down some ground rules:

  1. This poll is based off the original Cheez-its and the cheddar Goldfish (other flavors do not apply)
  2. Voters will have the option choose both or neither (if they please)

Now that the rules were laid out, I was on my journey to find the truth about our school’s favorite cheese cracker snack. As soon as I started asking students and teachers, I found a common trend of Cheez-its being the overwhelming majority. 

The Data

As I asked students what made them make this choice, many students commented on how Cheez-Its simply tasted more like cheese. One student from the class of 2024 even claimed, “Goldfish taste[d] like the paper towels the school has, ” proving Cheez-Its as her obvious choice. However, in the defense of Goldfish, many Cheez-Its voters agreed that if different flavors of Goldfish were included, they would have their vote. Personally, as a Cheez-Its lover, the larger granules of salt on Cheez-Its is what really takes the cake. 

But what made those in the minority choose Goldfish? The general consensus of Goldfish voters was that they just taste better. A junior student commented on how Goldfish were “too addicting,” making them “scary.” Although this was from a Cheez-Its voter, it is an interesting insight into those who adore the snack that smiles back. Another student claimed they preferred the marketing and look of Goldfish, giving them the edge over Cheez-Its. 


What does this all mean? Cheez-Its had more votes, but as a brand including all flavors it seemed Goldfish had more supporters. Neither choice would be a winner for those who are gluten free, as pointed out by one teacher at BHS. Considering this and other data, I have come to a conclusion: out of the 37 votes, including students from all grades and teachers, Cheez-Its had 23 votes compared to Goldfish’s mere 14. Between the numbers, the comments provided by students, and my own personal opinion- Cheez-Its has won the first battle of BHS Settles It. Thank you for reading, and be sure to tune in for the next installment where BHS Settles It.