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Grey’s Anatomy – Is 19 Seasons Too Many?

Grey’s Anatomy first aired in 2005 and is the longest-running medical drama in history. Throughout its 19 seasons, viewers have become invested in the stories of their favorite original cast members, as well as new characters who arrive throughout the show. However, many people who have watched from the beginning are becoming disappointed in what the modern Grey’s Anatomy has to offer. Many believe that it simply does not live up to earlier seasons. As a result, this raises a question: Should Grey’s Anatomy continue to a 20th season, or stop before the show becomes unlikable by all? 

Earlier this month, Grey’s Anatomy aired the first episode of season 19 aimed at bringing back the nostalgic Grey’s Anatomy from earlier seasons. So far, it has mainly focused on the arrival of new interns allowing, fans to reminisce about Meredith Grey’s intern class back in Season 1. However, is this becoming too redundant? I would say yes. At this point, almost all cast members have left the show leaving little hope of a return to the “good” Grey’s Anatomy. After more than 400 episodes, it is becoming very difficult to produce  new and entertaining plot points to keep fans satisfied. This season, Ellen Pompeo, the actress of Meredith Grey, has decided to reduce her on-screen presence to only eight episodes, making this task of entertainment even more difficult. The actress has tried to end her role on multiple occasions, only emphasizing that the show must come to an end. Being one of my all-time favorites, Grey’s Anatomy has brought a variety of entertaining storylines and a rollercoaster of emotions to the screen throughout its 19 seasons. However, I don’t think it will ever return to its former “glory” days and many fans are beginning to realize this.


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