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Vandalism in School Bathrooms

A week ago, Mr. Jozokos sent out an email informing all students that only one bathroom per floor will remain open as a result of continuous student vandalism. An excerpt from the email reads, “In the last several weeks, we have had a lot of vandalism in both men’s and women’s bathrooms. We’ve had five broken light sensors, two broken toilet seats, six destroyed ceiling tiles, two broken toilet paper dispensers, two laminate sink surrounds pulled off, rolls of toilet paper dropped into toilets, and graffiti on walls and stalls daily.”

In addition to the bathroom closings, Mr. Jozokos states that there will be “a staff member on duty” outside of the three bathrooms that remain open.

Mr. Conard, the long-term BHS art department substitute, states that he spoke to a sophomore who explained an ill-formed justification for bathroom vandalism. The sophomore claims that students vandalize school bathrooms because they don’t have the opportunity to vandalize their bathrooms at home. An interesting, yet concerning sentiment.


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