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Should BHS Provide a Diverse Range of AP Classes?

It’s course registration week and many of us may have decided the classes we will be enrolling in for the 2022-2023 year, while others are still continuing to contemplate this big decision. Although there are a variety of electives to choose from, countless students may be experiencing conflicting feelings concerning whether classes will be suitable for their interests or not. 

As individual students, we have different curricula that work well for us best as opposed to others. For example, some students may excel in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program (a program that provides classes to prepare the high school student for college), in comparison to Advanced Placement (AP). Here at Bedford High School about forty-four IB classes are provided compared to the (about) thirteen AP classes, and most of the AP classes primarily fall under the social studies category. But what about those who aren’t history and government students and wish to tackle other AP courses? To many, this can be disappointing. 

I have received the opinions of a few students. Although I’ve been told by a majority that they are not afflicted with the situation, a BHS sophomore did state that they felt as though “not many students [were] taking the AP classes anyway,” so maybe if a diverse variation of AP classes were given, BHS could see an increase in the AP courses taken. 

For more information about AP, our school has provided an all-around website about the program here.