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Senior Superlatives for Class of 2022!

Each year, the yearbook awards superlatives to the best fitting seniors, and students always look forward to seeing the final results. A big thanks to Mrs. Gilcreast and the Yearbook Club for organizing the voting system! The superlatives were recently released last week, and here is a full list:


Best Couple: Seneca Baldi and Aidan Graves

Biggest Bromance: Andrew Zimmerman and Dan Galamaga

Most Musical & Artistic: Xavier Forcier and Elizabeth Stalker

On Social Media the Most: JJ Crespo and Logan Censabella

Biggest Chatterbox: Sophie Elliott and Kasey Mahoney

Most Likely to Succeed: Nikita Bhat and Matt Marks

Best Laugh: Colleen McGee and Hunter Fennessy

Most Likely to Run for President: Lily Mooney and Michael Hoang

Mr. & Mrs. BHS: Sydney Suozzo and Toufic Shoukeir

Most Studious: Maggie Lewis and Akhi Chopra

Class Clowns: Kate Neal and George Tatakis

Best Smile: Lauren Christopher and Joe Mikol

Best to be Stranded On a Desert Island with: Sam Sullivan and Josh Beaton

Best to Bring Home to Parents: Riley Hudson and Parker Henrichon

Best Personality: Marie Flynn and Colin Chandonnet