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Pep Rally 2021!

This year’s pep rally will be met with much anticipation and excitement from the student body. The student council deliberated on the themes for this fall’s spirit week, which will culminate in a pep rally and homecoming. This year’s spirit week will be October 18-22nd. Last year, with COVID restrictions, homecoming was not held, so although this year’s will still be modified, students seem to be looking forward to participating in the spirit-filled activities!

Last week’s meeting ended with a decision on the themes for each day:  

  • Monday–Millennial Monday
  • Tuesday–Beach Day
  • Wednesday–Pink and Anything But a Backpack
  • Thursday–Mathletes and Athletes
  • Friday–Class Colors (freshmen wear white, sophomores wear grey, juniors wear black, seniors wear red)

Additionally, an email sent to Mr. Jozokos by a Pacific-Islander student was shared with the class officers, describing how some aspects of Tropical Tuesday come off as though students are mocking their culture. The student cited grass skirts and coconut bras as the two most obvious ways that outfits for Tropical Tuesday are culturally insensitive rather than a representation of the actual theme. This student described the things they loved about Tropical Tuesday: the beach hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, but that they thought the Student Council should take this into consideration. This year, the new name for a similar theme is Beach Day, where students will be encouraged to dress like they are tourists or going to the beach rather than inappropriately dressing as another culture. 

The Pep Rally will be held outside again this year, similar to last year’s events on the turf. However, all classes will be attending simultaneously, packing the stands with excited students which will truly embody the definition of a pep rally. This year’s games will mostly be classics: broom-ball, dodge-ball, and tug-o-war, with the return of last year’s new activity, an obstacle course. To amp it up, this obstacle course will be students vs. teachers.

Furthermore, this spirit week will have an additional way for classes to get involved: a point system. Looking for maximum participation, student council members will be responsible for awarding a point to each grade for every student who participates in spirit week. Although a prize has not been named, we can hope one will be awarded!