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Rom-Coms, From the Unleashed Team

Valentines Day recently passed, but the Unleashed team is still in the mood for a heart-wrenching movie night. Now this romantic holiday may bring pain or joy for you, but for us on Unleashed it brings Rom-Coms. The heartwarming (often cringey) and hilarious genre has films everyone can enjoy. We compiled a list of our favorites – feel free to binge watch these for us!


Jenny McDonald

Dumplin’. I just think it’s such a sweet movie, it’s definitely a comfort film I regularly come back to. I love that a large part of the plot is the protagonist learning to be kind to herself throughout her love story, and it portrays the difficulty of friendship and family relationships along the way. Definitely a must-watch!

Honorable Mention:

The Half of It on Netflix was so touching and cute! It’s the first lesbian relationship I’ve seen represented in a high-school setting rom com so I think it’s a very important film and Alice Wu did a fantastic job as the director!

McKenna Casey

Love, Simon
Look, just like any movie, Love Simon isn’t perfect. There are very valid criticisms of this film, but nothing can beat the feeling of euphoria I had when I saw this movie in theaters when it premiered. It’s funny and romantic and heart-warming, and the soundtrack slaps. What more could you want?
Honorable Mentions: 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s The Man.
May Zheng 

10 Things I Hate About You, I love the entire cast and I think this movie fits the genre so perfectly since it’s hilarious but also comforting.

Honorable Mentions: 13 going on 30, Crazy Rich Asians.


Hannah Bennett

13 going on 30. Starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo the film follows thirteen year old Jenna who, sick of her teenage life makes a wish to be thirty. In true movie fashion, she is transformed but, being thirty is not what she pictured. I remember the first time I watched this movie I was transfixed on the glamour and wanting to be thirty year old Jenna. Let’s be honest I still want to. 13 going on 30 is a must watch.

Honorable Mentions: The Notebook, The Wedding Planner. 

Mr. Ahnert

Gross Pointe Blank (1997) Okay, look, I cannot endorse or condone that high school students engage in the viewing of Rated R content with excessive profanity and violence, but I totally first watched this film when I was a Senior in high school, and probably on DVD with my girlfriend and friends… so there you go. John Cusack stars as hitman Martin Blank, who finds himself back in the town he grew up in for his ten year high school reunion. He rekindles the relationship he had with radio host Debi (Minnie Driver) who he abandoned on prom night. The problem is his chosen profession follows him home and he must navigate the typical rom com faire while also doing battle with an antagonist hitman played by an out of his mind Dan Akroyd. Joan Cusack also gets to show off her comedic chops to keep this flick from being a too testosterone-laden affair. Oh, and the soundtrack is a love letter to third wave ska. It’s like eating a bowl of 1990s subculture with a shovel.

Honorable Mention: High Fidelity (2000) – John Cusack again plays a despicable character while an amazing soundtrack pumps in the background. Based on the Nick Hornsby novel of the same name, record store owner Rob (Cusack) recalls his top five break-ups. Yeah, they are like, all his fault. Really, he is a terrible guy. But, the fact that he surrounds himself with amazing people, an early Jack Black, a sultry Lisa Bonet, his sister played by… his sister; Rob just comes off as likeable and you know what? His growth arc is satisfying.

Sarah Avampato

Saving Face. Saving Face is my favorite because for me it was the first time seeing a sapphic couple really portrayed on TV. As well as having some beautiful moments there is some humor sprinkled throughout but ultimately it is a beautiful story and a movie I highly recommend watching.

Honorable Mention: But I’m a Cheerleader



Heather Johnson

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I have always loved the book series, and the movies in this Netflix series are very enjoyable. The story is cute, and the characters from the books are portrayed really well in my opinion.

Holly Souter

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. This movie never fails to let me down, although it might not be an exceptional film the plot is gold. The balance of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson’s bickering and romantic moments creates the perfect couple, one I find myself rooting for the whole movie. The seamlessness of comedy and romance creates such a sweet and genuine romance, this movie constantly has me smiling.
Honorable Mentions: Valentines Day, Fever Pitch.