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Bernie Sanders… The Meme

If you have been on the internet recently you have most likely seen this one image repeatedly. Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sitting cross legged wrapped up in a green puffed coat with his blue mask and famous crocheted mittens. This image taken at the socially distanced inauguration of President Joe Biden has taken the internet by storm. Though this is not the first ‘meme’ Senator Sanders had become with the ever popular “I am once again asking for your financial support” meme popular in mid 2020. Senator Sanders went on to create “Chairman Sanders” merchandise put up on his campaign store website. (Here) The store was sold out that night within thirty minutes. The proceeds from this merchandise, all donated to various charities throughout Vermont raising about $1.8 million dollars.

Now, I could not say I had done my job correctly without including some of the amazing memes of Senator Sanders. So, here are a few of our Unleashed editors’ favorites.

1- Senator Sanders in Blues Clues.

2- Senator Sanders in Twilight with the one and only Edward Cullen. (Robert Patterson).

3- Senator Sanders in Mean Girls, Having lunch with Gretchen and Regina.







4- Senator Sanders in the Friends theme.







5- Senator Sanders as part of The Breakfast Club.






6- Senator Sanders being sorted into his house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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