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Netflix Holiday Movies and Series


Even though the holidays look very different this year, at least we still have one thing: Netflix holiday movies. Netflix has curated a perfect mix of holiday movies and series, and they all create a symphony of holiday joy. That being said, some are definitely better than others in my opinion. Here’s some thoughts on my top Netflix holiday creations. 

  1. A Christmas Prince: This is the first of a trilogy, and it premiered in 2017. It features a New York journalist who travels to Belgravia (a fake Netflix country) to cover the story of the prince who might abdicate the throne. Of course, some romance occurs, but I actually thought the twists and turns were interesting and not super predictable. The acting isn’t stellar, but I still watch this one every year. My review: 9/10
  2. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding: This is the second movie, and it’s also not terrible. There are some different themes than the first one, some new relationships, and this time some twists centered on the troubling economic status of Belgravia. I like to turn this on if I’m baking, because I the plot is very easy to follow and otherwise I might get bored. I still like the first one, so it’s a solid 7.5/10. 
  3. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby: I think this is my least favorite of the trilogy. The plot, acting, and character development is just not up to par with the other two. The title pretty much gives away the plot, but the twist involving Belgravia’s treaty with Penglia was also pretty boring in my opinion. Still, I would watch it if you like the other two. 5.5/10. 
  4. The Princess Switch: Another movie involving a fake monarchy and plenty of romance, but I think this one ranks higher than A Christmas Prince. It stars Vanessa Hudgens, which was the main reason I first watched this. She plays both a Chicago baker and a princess set to marry the prince of Montenaro. As the title says, they switch places when the American one, Stacey, has a baking competition in Montenaro, and of course shenanigans and plenty of romance occur. I liked the style of this one a lot, and it was packed full of Christmas cheer. 10/10
  5. The Princess Switch: Switched Again: This is the sequel to The Princess Switch, and I think the first one is a little better. Vanessa Hudgens now plays 3 identical characters, and some of the three-way switches just got confusing. I needed to actively pay attention for most of it. The prince in this series is a good character though, and I liked his development in this movie. Overall, the multiple happy endings were nice, and I would watch again. Yes, some parts were bad and predictable, but at the same time it was perfect. 8/10
  6. The Christmas Chronicles: I do actually watch movies that don’t involve monarchies and fake countries, and this is one of my new favorites from last year.  I really enjoyed Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Santa Claus, and he was funny. The plot was interesting too, and it’s definitely more of an adventure-based Christmas movie. This would be a good one to watch with the family, or younger kids as well.  9/10. There is a new sequel to this that just came out, and while I haven’t seen it yet, it also looks promising! 
  7. Christmas With A Prince: This has a very similar premise as the Christmas Prince trilogy, yet also very different. This movie centers around a pediatrician who has to look after an injured prince in her ward. Most of the drama was very over the top, and I actually found it to be funny because of how bad it was. I would watch other movies first over this one, but not the worst I’ve ever seen. 4/10. 
  8. White Christmas: This is one of most classic holiday movies on Netflix, and one of the oldest since it was filmed in 1954. White Christmas is a wonderful mix of 1950’s dancing, music, costumes, and romance, and while there are definitely some unfavorable stereotypes of women, it is still a very enjoyable movie to put you in the holiday spirit. Especially during 2020, it can be nice to escape to the 1950’s for a little bit. I actually hated this movie when I was younger, but now it’s a must on my list every year. 10/10. 
  9. Dash and Lily: While this is actually a series, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It follows two teenagers who communicate through a red journal placed in a bookstore. They give each other dares and fun activities to try, and there’s some interesting contrast between one character who loves Christmas and one who does not. The series aspect was also a nice change because you can take your time and savor the experience. There’s also a Jonas Brothers cameo, which was a fun surprise. 10/10
  10. Merry Happy Whatever: This is also another series, and sadly there is only one season. I honestly only watched this because I saw Bridget Mendler and Ashley Tisdale, some of my favorite Disney Channel alumni. The plot is fairly predictable and it definitely wasn’t the funniest comedy series I’ve ever seen, but I also ended up finishing the whole thing in one weekend. I even wish Netflix made a second season, but it was not renewed. That being said, I recommend this series if you want something a little more comedic. 8/10
  11. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey:  If you want something more reminiscent of a musical, this is a good one. This movie was also praised for having a predominantly black cast and crew, something that has not been seen in Christmas movies of the past. Overall, the Victorian era costumes, Broadway-style songs, and dancing were very enjoyable. Another nice addition was the narrative involving girls and STEM, something not usually seen in holiday movies either. It was honestly a little long for me, so I recommend splitting it into two nights if you want. 10/10. 


Of course there are dozens more holiday movies on Netflix, these are just my favorites and the ones I have seen. For even more movies, I recommend checking out Christmas With a View, Christmas Wedding Planner, Christmas Inheritance, The Knight Before Christmas, and the Holiday Calendar. While I haven’t gotten around to them, they seem promising based on what I’ve heard from others. I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I have!