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Bright Lights, Red Eyes

Ruel, an 18 year old Australian singer-songwriter, released his second EP on October 20th. The album consists of five songs, two of which were released as singles. The first: ‘as long as you care’ was released on September 10th then following not to far later was ‘say it over’ featuring Cautious Clay. The EP is well versed with a fall mindset perfect for the current time of year. Here is a (rather short) song by song review of the album which is now streaming!

*as long as you care

There’s no intro or chord changes but I love his voice and rasp throughout the song. The buildup is so good as well as the drum line with the guitar. The message that ‘I’ll be there as long as you want me’ is very heartwarming. It’s so catchy and was stuck in my head and my playlist for weeks. I love the Bright lights and Red eyes with the synth in the chorus, then the bridge ‘never want to see you with those red eyes’ builds up the second chorus with lots of riffs. I would give this song a 10000000/10.


The Intro noise reminds me of the song Make Up by Ariana Grande. Guitar part shortly enters with an almost chirping sound along with the pristine vocals and wind ‘whooshing’ sound too. Yet the chorus doesn’t really change the melody too much. It has the same almost flat tone but the song continues to be a bop. The message of not knowing what is happening in a relationship and giving each other space but knowing that you will have to break up is key to the song. Along with the sound of rain in the end, it really adds to the emotion of the song. 9/10


Honestly this song reminds me of ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles with a similar piano part. “I LOVE HIS VOICE” was my next note. No surprise there. The Pre chorus and first chorus has a good build up for the little beat drop. Sleeping on the couch thinking about the past relationship maybe the same one as in Distance? He wants to call the person but doesn’t have the strength. “I wish someone had told me how it ends.” The bridge has a metallic echo that suits the song then, the drums and everything kick back in leaving us with the gospel sounding choir to the end. If it was to be a word it would be melancholy. I’m not sure why but that’s the vibe. 7/10

*say it over (ft. Cautious Clay) 

I have to start out by saying the ‘visualizers’ which are essentially the music videos for this album are incredibly cool this one is 60’s inspired. I was thinking this is about calling the girl he had to break up with and “tell you I’m changing.” He says she’s overly critical and he doesn’t know quite how to react to a bitter call. Cautious Clay’s part is soothing not the same tone as Ruel which is good. The beat is consistent and the over harmonies towards the end make me sad. I like this song but you have to be in a specific mood to want to listen to it. Rainy day, wistful, sad are all words I would use to describe it. 8/10

up to something

This song I haven’t listened to very much. The guitar part is cool, you can hear the fingers move across the strings. There is a subtle beat then the bass is introduced… Suddenly it’s gone and it’s just the vocals and piano. Just as it’s reintroduced it is suddenly cut out to a drum part. “Are you up to something?” Maybe continuing with the ‘story line’ the couple got back together but it’s not what he had imagined ‘just a taste of kindness bite down so bitter.” “Its been way to hard to feel something.” Is he being cheated on? The cool ending reminds me of something Khalid did in his American Teen album with it’s Contemporary R&B sound. Once again the wistful, sad tone tells that you have to be in the right space to listen to this song. Thus why I would give it a 8/10.

This album brings you through a messy relationship, the long distance crazy love with as long as you care. That quickly turns into needing space apart in distance. Finally breaking up and wanting to call but not having the strength to in courage. Finally making that call and getting hurt but back together in say it over. Finally the inevitable feeling of mistrust and sadness in up to something that lead to the second break up. I genuinely love this album and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new artist to discover and listen to.