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Fall Fashion

As this school year has progressed the seasons have changed and Fall is finally here! With the changing weather comes new fashion! Here are some of the trends that will be in season and some ways you can wear it.

Jewel tones such as amethyst, ruby, jade, sapphire, and, citrine are eye opening and everywhere. Alexander McQueen, a top designer’s jewel toned dress (see left) is a perfect example of the color scheme we can expect to see. Unless you are strutting the runway or going to a formal event anytime soon you may be wondering: how can I wear jewel tones? Well, skirts and sweater combos are perfect as you can see on the right.  Accessorize with scarves, cardigans and booties and you will be all set! Another very popular pattern, animal print. Yes, you read that right. Animal print is back! From cow print pants to zebra and cheetah print sweaters and cardigans. Not the same neon pink animal print you may have loved when you were younger, but sticking to neutral colors they are easy to add into your wardrobe.

This fall, fashion seems to be taking cues from the 1970’s with bootcut jeans and Statement Sleeves. Now, with Statement Sleeves, you may think that there is absolutely no way you could, or would, wear them. Well, before you make that snap-judgement, just know that there are multiple popular statement sleeves that are in this season. Bell sleeves are an excellent example. This sleeve has a regular fit until you get to around the wrist area. In this region, t there is another additional layer of fabric shaped like a bell, that surrounds your hand giving a sleek and chic appearance. Bell sleeves can be easily dressed up with a skirt and heels, or, they can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and boat shoes. Another very popular sleeve is the puff sleeve. The puff sleeve has been edging its way to the forefront of fashion since 2018, with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen donning them regularly on red carpets. This season the puff sleeved tops are a standard one color or, they have a sort of stitching such of flowers added. This makes them easy to style. Just add your favorite pair of jeans and Air Force 1’s and the look is complete!

Now, the tricky part: Layering. How do you bring all of these fashionable items together? Well, you can’t go wrong with cardigans, sheer overlays, and, collared tops. Taking a patterned cargo neck sweatshirt and wearing a polo shirt underneath it? Yes, please! Alternatively, take that same polo shirt but wear a dark colored sweater vest? Yes please. Picking a plaid purple shirt, a black tank top and a purple cardigan and putting them all together would be perfect.

Get creative this Fall with the newest fashion trends!


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