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Outer Banks

Are you looking for a new show to binge watch? The Extremely popular Netflix original show: Outer Banks may be perfect for you. It follows the summer adventures of two groups of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The groups being the working class Pogues and the wealthy Kooks. The protagonist being Pogue; John Booker Routledge or John B and his friends Pope, Kiara, and, JJ set off on an adventure to find the treasure of the Royal Merchant after John B’s father’s mysterious disappearance. All while they avoid the Kooks: Sarah, Rafe, and, Ward Cameron, and of course the one and only Topper. The plot has many twists and turns which I won’t reveal but I was just as shocked as you can imagine throughout the show even though some you can see coming. Many people have been holding off on watching it because they know ‘they will become obsessed.” Don’t fret! The producers of the show: Jonas Pate in an interview with said they they have the plot outlined for at least 4 more seasons. The show’s characters have also set the ‘summer style’ and trends if you need some ideas for your summer wardrobe.

In a Pogue style the guys in the show wear trucker hats (yes actually) with a loose button down shirt and neutral shorts. You can’t forget your bandana which has been called ‘The Accessory of the Summer.” For shoes you can just throw on some hiking boots and you are all ready to go John B, JJ, and Pope style. In contrast if you like the Kook style more which is straight from a Vineyard Vines Catalogue look at Topper and Rafe’s outfits. They usually consist of dress pants, belts, button up shirts, boat shoes like Docs, and their favorite watch.

If you want to dress like the Pogue queen herself Kiara you should start with wearing your favorite bathing suit. She seems to wear one under every one of her outfits more out of necessity when you have friends like JJ and John B. In looking at most of her outfits they are all cute but comfortable with lots of interesting jewelry pieces. You can find her exact pieces here. If you prefer the soft pastels of the Kooks take a look at Sarah Cameron’s outfits. Her style is pretty similar to Kiara’s with the classic cute meets chill style. The general style is a flowy shirt with denim shorts earrings and a necklace.  Her favorite accesories being flip flops, floppy hats and sunglasses.Whether you want to rule the Pogues or the Kooks it’s up to you. Hopefully this style guide outlines but a few of the ways to dress like your favorite characters and what I can foresee being the summer style and feeds your new obsession.