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Tenacity Amidst the Pandemic: Recent Music Releases

As our lives are changed so follows our culture. Music, being a large part of that, impacts our views on the world. As such, many artists are taking to the recording studio to record. On Spotify right now there are over 65 songs with “coronavirus” in the title, and more than 7 with ‘COVID-19″ or “COVID19” in the title. A majority of these artists are donating the proceeds to charities where the money raised will be given where it is needed the most. Here are some of the popular COVID- 19 inspired songs.

It started as an Instagram Live just addressing the seriousness of COVID-19 but soon Cardi B’s speech was laid to a beat. A hit was born- “Coronavirus Remix” by Cardi B and “I like it” fellow artist Bad Bunny. The song has reached number on the iTunes charts and started a dance trend on popular app Tik Tok. The song brings an energy very different than other COVID-19 based songs with it’s energy and bass.

We Are Warriors- Avril Lavigne is number 9 on the pop charts right now. ” I recorded this to lift some spirits and to show my gratitude towards of the front line workers who are putting their lives at risk to protect us and to save lives… all of the proceeds go to the Avril Lavigne foundation and we have partnered with project hope for that.” She said on her April 23rd Instagram story. The song is very empowering and will definitely provide a little of that Avril Lavigne nostalgia we all love.

I Believe That We Will Win (World Anthem) was released by Pitbull on April 14th 2020. ‘Mr. Worldwide’ took to Instagram saying ” Let’s show the world, how powerful it is when we come together to fight for one cause… Proceeds will be going to Feeding America and The Tony Robbins Foundation for global hunger and empowerment.” (@pitbull)  The title is something you can here at ever Bedford High School football game, where the stands of current and former bulldogs put their hands in as they chant. Without a doubt, this song will soon be an addition to the ritual.

The ‘Water Fountain’ Singer- Songwriter Alec Benjamin put out a single he titled Six Feet Apart.  He took to Instagram to explain; ” Wrote this yesterday. it’s called 6 ft apart . it was inspired by covid19 . ” (@alecbenjamin) The song is light and euphoric, perfect for listening to and very ‘on-brand’ for the singer. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music or anywhere you would normally stream music.

Producer and Song Writer Charlie Puth took to Instagram on Wednesday night to debut his soon to be released song; Sick. He put a clip of the song on his Instagram page if you missed it, with the caption “This is something I wrote to try and help the world heal a little. It’s called “Sick”….” (@CharliePuth) The mellow Piano part matches well with the comforting yet sad lyrics and the subtile vocal riffs tie it together. Currently we don’t know when “Sick” will be released but Puth said it will be in the near future.

Six Feet Apart- Alec Benjamin

Sick- Charlie Puth (Livestream) 

We Are Warriors- Avril Lavigne

I Believe That We Will Win (World Anthem) – Pitbull


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