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What To Binge Watch In The Time Of Social Distancing

Escapism is the word of the day for many Bedford High School students who are finding themselves increasingly anxious during this period of uncertanity and change. So if you are searching for something to take your mind off of the current situation, I’ve provided a list here of TV shows that I reccomend – with a short summary and my thoughts. I will only reccomend shows that I’ve seen personally, and I’m going to try to stay away from smash hits like The Office, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, etc so that hopefully you’ll find something new. Here you go!


New Girl (7 Seasons, complete) – I recently got into New Girl and I was not disappointed. This show is genuinely hilarious. Each character has their own solid personality and brings something different to the table in terms of humor. Somehow both light-hearted and emotional, this show about the lives of a endlessly optimistic woman and her three male roommates sucks you in immediately.

Gotham (5 Seasons, complete) – This show about young Bruce Wayne and the future commissioner Jim Gordon is the perfect mix of gritty and goofy (you know, like comic book adaptations should be). Gotham is one of my go-to favorites for a rainy day, and it’s sometimes-wacky, sometimes-intense plotlines have a special place in my heart. You don’t need to be a DC superfan to enjoy it, though. We all know who Bruce Wayne grows up to become – sit back and enjoy a show about the city that made him.

American Vandal (2 Seasons, complete even though it breaks my heart I’ll never forgive you for this Netflix) – How can a show about a fake documentary about some very inappropraite vandalism be so deep? Not only is American Vandal hilarious, it’s also surprisingly thought-provoking. But mostly it’s so, so funny. If you haven’t seen this show’s two remarkable seasons, do it. Right now.

Wynonna Earp (3 Seasons, ongoing) – I will let the Netflix description speak for itself: “The outcast descendant of lawman Wyatt Earp teams up with an immortal Doc Holliday to rid the world of demonic revenants from the Wild West.” So, yeah. One of my favorite shows currently running. You won’t regret this one.

Amazon Prime Video

Teen Wolf (6 Seasons, complete) – I’m absolutely serious. This show rocks. It’s funny, it’s action-packed, it has heart, there’s lacrosse. What does this not have? Don’t answer that, just head over to Amazon Prime Video and start watching.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural (6 Seasons, ongoing) – A skeptic and a true believer investigate cases of ghosts, demons, cryptids, and more. This show is great for laughing until your stomach hurts and questioning what you think is real. It’s also easy watching: the episodes are relatively short and each deal with a new case. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, you’ll enjoy this gem of a show. (It’s also on Youtube!)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (7 Seasons, ongoing) – This is probaly the funniest show I’ve ever seen. The characters are absolute gold and the writing is sharp and witty. This show follows the members of the NYPD’s 99th Precinct, but it’s not really about the crimes; it’s about the people who catch the criminals. There are SO MANY episodes, too. Perfect for getting your mind off of ~all this~.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (16 Seasons, complete) – This show follows a group of night shift criminologists as they investigate foul play all throughout Las Vegas. With over 300 episodes, you’ll be all set on shows for a long time. This show paved the way for its genre. Another good rainy day show for me, so I’m reccomending it to you!

I hope that you have found something new from my list! But remember – you can’t just watch TV. Keeping to a set schedule that includes fresh air, an aristic outlet, and of course, your classes and homework can help with mental health in these extremely weird times. If you feel like your mental health is beginning to slip, talk to someone. The most important thing in this time is to remember what you can control and focus on that. Stay safe and happy binge watching, everyone!


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