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Rubik’s Cube Mosaics at BHS

The second annual Rubik’s Cube display in the BHS library was met with enthusiasm as students of all abilities contributed to four different mosaics. Some students were already experts, creating the bulk of the mosaics in their free time and encouraging their friends to contribute, while others were beginners who just stopped by for a moment on their way to studying. 

Throughout the month of December, as often as not, at least one student could be found either working on the mosaics or admiring the finished product. A student, solving a cube as she spoke, said with a laugh that she “actually learned to solve them last year” because the opportunity to “play around with them” during her managed time made her “curious enough to try to learn it” on her own, despite never being interested beforehand. Other students have been cubers for years, but found this to be an interesting new way to display their skills.

In 2018, the first mosaic to be displayed was the BHS bulldog, which was followed by Sans (a character from the video game Undertale), Elon Musk, and finally the likeness of Mr. Hagen, as a farewell to the former BHS principal.













The Rubik’s Cube mosaics of 2019 followed a more whimsical trend, beginning with a tribute to Mr. Jozokos’ famous “No F-bombs” email, followed by Shrek Wazowski, a baby Yoda, and Buddy the Elf. 

















The final mosaic, Vibe Check, is currently in progress.

BHS students, especially the most enthusiastic cubers, hope that these mosaics will become a BHS tradition in the years to come.

(Photo credit: Jason Merk ’21)