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BHS Brings the 80’s Romance with The Wedding Singer

This year’s fall musical is The Wedding Singer, a fun, more modern production. This is a change from the typically more antiquated subject matter of past school plays, such as last year’s Fiddler on the Roof. Interestingly, this musical is based off of a 1998 movie of the same name. New Hampshire native, Adam Sandler, plays the main role in the film. Like its cinematic source material, The Wedding Singer musical follows a semi-successful wedding singer named Robbie Hart as he traverses a failed engagement and new romantic feelings for a waitress named Julia, who happens to have her own wedding on the horizon.

Cast members describe the lighthearted fun of being on set;

“We’re always laughing and cracking jokes” -Madi Frost, Cast

The musical boasts an impressive collection of songs penned by The Prom and Aladdin writer Chad Beguelin, including popular titles such as “It’s Your Wedding Day” and “Saturday Night in The City”. The choreography matches the songs in energy; cast member Madison Frost calls it “a work out” for both the cast and crew.

Bedford High School’s adaptation of the show is directed by Zachary Spiegel, who is making his directing debut here at BHS. It stars Finn Joyce in the titular role of Robbie Hart, with Eliz Stalker as Julia, Jordan Howe as Linda, Owen Bresnahan as Sammy, Riley Skinner as Holly, Jack Smithson as Glen, and Katie Rogers as Rosie.

Madison Frost, who plays the mother of the bride, says that the whole cast “has so much fun at rehearsal”, and that the cast and crew have become “a big family”. The audience can expect to see that energy on stage for a fun and feel-good night!

Catch Bedford High School’s The Wedding Singer in the Theater from November 14th through 17th, as well as the 22nd and 23rd.