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What to expect at the club fair this year

This year, seniors Gillian Simpson, Sophia Dimos, Deborah Ng, and Danielle Lucey are organizing the club fair for their IB CAS project. For the past two years, the club fair has been during the lunch block, but this hasn’t generated much interest. So this year, the club fair will be held in the gym during Advisory A. Freshmen and Sophomores will be required to go, but all students are welcome to come and see what each club has to offer. Simpson says that they specifically changed the time to Advisory A and required freshmen and sophomores to attend because “this way students won’t have to seek out clubs to join, and it will make the whole process of joining clubs and getting school activity hours much easier.” Ng elaborates on Simpson’s comments, adding that she believes this event is important because it “can help students see other clubs that they may not have known about before.”

The club fair is next Friday 9/28 during Advisory A in the gym. As a preview to the event, below is a list of the clubs who signed up to participate, as well as their staff advisors and the students running each table.

Club Name Advisor Student Contact
UNICEF Dreyer Dan Dong, Anna Kim
Fencing Kenney Evan Johnson
DECA Wilczewski Julianna Poirier
Calculus Club Gagnon Ian Bresnahan
Airsoft Club Jozokos
LARP Club Jozokos Jarrett Villeneuve
French Club Noble Niamh Russell, Kate Pemberton
Photography Club Hogan
Yearbook Club Gilcreast Cameron Berry
Science Olympiad Nutting/Baney Gillian Simpson
GSA Bennett Kiernan Alati
Students Activating a Greener Environment (SAGE) D. King Hannah Riley
SCAN M. Sarsfield Ally O’Neill, Veronica Gikas
Equestrian Club Blake Cecilia Wong
Spanish Club Chenette Aish Deva
Be The Change Fall Allison England
Math Team Hazelton Calvin Ang
Art Club Tuttle Riley Mularin, Jasmine Kuo
Youth Empowered Solutions (YES, formerly SADD) Bennett Michael Tierney
BHS Unleashed Ahnert Gillian Simpson
ASL Club McElwain Autumn Gendron
Woman’s Rights Advocacy Club Dudgeon/Magnusson Emma Rosenbaum
We Finish Together Burnham Dariya Steele
Save the Bees Colburn Jordan Leveille
Key Club Jewell Huda Saeed
Ski and Ride Club B. Doyle Seemona Petrenko
Anime Club Hatzidakis Meghan MacDonald
Red Storm Robotics Team Fowler Natalie Anderson
For “WORD” Momentum Pomeroy Sydney Leyden, Aubrey Patrick

Be sure to come to the club fair to check each club out!