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Quebec tour: a unique intersession

The Québec intersession: a three-day French immersion extravaganza, deftly run by the master of the French language herself, Madame Noble. This trip took a bus ride through the depths of Canada, giving French students ample opportunities to practice their speaking skills as well as many croissants. French immersion began on the bus with the pinnacle of French films, National Treasure, clearly rooted in Québecois culture. Historic sights such as the Château Frontenac (with attached Starbucks), and the Musée du Fort and the Martello towers (no Starbucks attached) taught all there is to know about Canadian military history, provided one could understand it presented in French. Besides history, students experienced the artisanal beauty of the Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré as well as the natural beauty of the Montmorency falls. Additionally, shopping time was provided to show the voyagers that every single Canadian store sells maple syrup. Every single one.The value of a French immersion trip is manifold: the opportunity to practice a language one normally does not speak, as well as experiencing a culture with which we in New Hampshire are not often in contact. Despite our proximity of location, Québec has the cultural influence of the French that we in the States lack. Such a short trip can mean a lot. On the other hand, the trip was run in such a way so as to dehydrate all brave travelers. Furthermore, construction prevented free travel on the streets. Such variables are not at all controllable, but would have changed the quality of the overall experience. Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons, and all should be grateful that such a good opportunity was provided by our hallowed establishment of learning. The value of travel is what intersession is truly predicated on, and this trip to Québec most clearly fulfills the promise to provide that value.

Finally, any incredible sights could not outweigh our tour guide: the man, the myth, the legend, Simon. Although Simon was an unassuming man, his mastery of yelling a lot left us all deeply impressed, and strains of “miss ya mommy” echo within the depths of this traveler’s brain. A terrifying but kind soul, Simon set the tone for this enterprising journey. All cornball adventures were hazarded with the master of corn, Simon, the titan in mind and memory. Overall, this trip was highly edifying in the field of Canadian politeness: every time I spoke bad French to them, they spoke English back. It was so considerate it looped back around to unhelpful. Chicachica…