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A Subway to Self-Discovery

The Bedford High School Theatre group is performing Peter Tarsi’s Tracks this May. Many students have expressed an interest in the performance as it is a little bit different from the plays the school has done in the past. It is about ten very different people, with very different backgrounds, meeting on a subway station. They discover the unfortunate truth: that they have all died and there is no way out of the station. They are left with the decision of whether or not to get on a train without knowing the destination. The characters take a journey through self discovery by reflecting on their past and exposing their fears and weaknesses. This show brings memorable characters, lessons, and moments. It causes the audience to reflect on themselves. Tracks questions such as what happens after death, what makes a person good or evil, and how reliable is faith into light. Having a very philosophical school production is a unique concept that brought many students into the Theatre Company.

The cast members talked to me about their new experiences with Tracks. Isabella Mottola, a junior at BHS said, “This play has improved my acting skills by pushing me beyond my boundaries, and forcing me to rely on reacting and staying in the moment”. It gives students an opportunity to embody a character rather than just reading about them in a book or watching them in a movie. Theatre helps give students confidence and feel more comfortable in front of a crowd. These are important traits that will definitely be useful in both the present and the future. Throughout this play, the cast members have created close bonds with one another. One student saying, “I have enjoyed getting to know the theatre community and learning so much from each person who bring their own unique skill set to the process”. Theatre gives students an opportunity to meet new people and learn from one another. It is a place where students with a shared interest can come together. The BHS Theatre group has worked very hard in preparing for this performance, and many students, faculty, and family are anticipating an amazing show.

You can catch the show from May 10th and 11th at 7pm and May 12th at 2pm and 7pm at the BHS Theatre!