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If you haven’t sat down and fully consumed the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles, released in 2004, I don’t think you’ve experienced a fulfilling childhood. I was two years old at the time the movie was debuted, and even as a child I was amazed. However, if you haven’t watched it, it’s not too late, so drop everything and anything you may currently be doing, and watch it from beginning to end, sans interruptions. It’s a must watch animation, and I have continued to love the film throughout my teen years.

Just to touch upon some of the best scenes I loved, (here are some spoilers for newbies), one of my favorites is when Frozone is called upon to assist Mr. Incredible with his famous line, “Where’s my supersuit?”, or when Bob (Mr. Incredible) changes into his superhero suit in his batmobile-like car. I additionally admire Elastigirl, who in one scene was controlling a plane, dodging Syndrome’s missiles that were targeting her and her two kids, Dash and Violet, but her infant Jack-Jack saves the day when he shockingly reveals his abilities through his humorous defeat of Syndrome.

The Incredibles was so well received that a teaser trailer and plans for The Incredibles 2 has been made: In the teaser trailer, Jack-Jack has laser eye vision, and has the ability to produce flame and electricity. From the sequel’s teaser, we can remember once again that the baby Jack-Jack has multiple powers or maybe even all of them! Perhaps the surprising end reveal of Jack-Jack’s powers in the original and the focus on Jack-Jack in this new trailer hints the important role he is going to play in the new production.

After fourteen years of love and repeated watching, the beloved family of superheroes is scheduled to be back on the big screen on June 15 of this year. Originally, the movie was not supposed to be released this year, but I have no complaints; I am very excited to witness the outcome and creativity the production will show this time around!


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