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Golden Globes #metoo

As many families around the country started to watch the Golden Globes previews of the beautiful dresses, the actors and actresses talking to the newscasters about all the movies they were in, we all started to notice how everyone was wearing black, but no one knew why. Soon the awards start and after a few globes have been given out, an announcer tells the world the reason behind the black dresses. A source tells PEOPLE“All female actresses attending the Globes are protesting by just wearing black gowns.” Recently, there has been an uproar from women and men throughout the entertainment business that have been either sexually abused or harassed by their bosses and coworkers. It all started when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by many women and young girls who were trying to make it big in the industry. Soon, written by Teen Vogue on January 13th, “the hashtag #MeToo, intended to demonstrate the prevalence of harassment and assault within our culture, went viral on social media.” After those who claimed to be assaulted by Weinstein came out about their past and what they had been through, many more started to come out of their shell against others. Andrew Kreisberg, Andy Dick, Ben Affleck, and Ben Veeren are just a few of many names that have been accused of sexual abuse and harassment.

Not only have there been harassments in the entertainment business, but in almost every business there have been reports for sexual assault and abuse around the country, such as professors, doctors, journalists, and chefs. Written by Mashable on October 11, “most of the abuse was perpetrated by the journalists’ bosses, superiors, and co-workers. Forty-six percent of female journalists said they had experienced sexual harassment at work, including ‘unwanted comments on dress and appearance.” For decades, these people have been calling for help and have been ignored many a time. But finally, there is a fight, and it will not end until justice has been served in the favor of what is right.


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