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Competition math at BHS

At Bedford High School, there are several clubs for students to join. From sports clubs to clubs where students get to participate in competitions, there is something of interest for almost everyone. One of these clubs is math team. The math team at Bedford High School has 23 club members and goes to math meets at different New Hampshire high schools monthly. It meets every Monday to prepare for these meets. This year in particular, the team has seen a large increase in participants and has placed consistently at every math meet they have gone to.

This year’s new advisor, Mrs. Hazelton, has been instrumental to the success of the BHS math team in the past few competition months. One math team student comments “that although Mrs. Hazelton was a new advisor to the club and math team was a new experience for her, she has done an amazing job making sure that our math team meetings run smoothly. She also motivates us to do our best at every meeting and competition.” Through her “fun and inspiring personality,” the student elaborates, “I’ve begun to enjoy doing math and really just being in the environment where so many students share the same interests and have the same competitive goals.”

Another math team student, Calvin Ang, thinks similarly. When asked about the benefits of participating in such a club, he states, “math team is really fun and I think it really prepares you for problem solving…and becoming a better mathematician.” Ang continues, “problem solving and mathematics is not purely confined to the field of mathematics; you can use problem solving skills in everyday life.” As for competitions, Ang believes that “participating in competitions is a great way to get to know other people that are interested in what you are and also to help you become more skilled in that field that you are interested in.”

Overall, the math team has provided an amazing experience for many students at BHS. They continue to compete in competitions and are preparing for upcoming math exams like the HMMT and AMC Series. In the future, the math team hopes to keep on improving and and getting more members!


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