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UpReach: making a difference

There is a variety of clubs that are created by Bedford High School students that wish to help improve the community and chase after their interests. One of the less well known clubs at the school, UpReach, is working hard to fundraise money for a good cause. UpReach is a nonprofit organization that has many different programs to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through horseback riding. This organization helps the participants feel hope and independence by making connections with horses. Upreach currently has 19 horses at their center, which can be quite expensive to take care of for a non profit organization. Last year teenagers raised over $1,000 toward UpReach which was a huge help. The club however did much more than just fundraising. UpReach club’s founder Natalie Ferrara said, “At a bake sale held last year, my club was able to talk to people about UpReach, many of whom never heard of them! Sharing UpReach’s retort with the community allows us to work together to improve people’s lives”. The club works hard to help unite the community through a local organization, and also helps spread the message that UpReach hopes to give others.

This year the UpReach club has already participated in a 5k to help raise money for the club. They have also planned other events for during the year that you should definitely keep an eye out for! The bake sale last year was very successful so this year the club has decided to hold another bake sale with many delicious items such as cupcakes, cookies, and snack mix. It will be held on December 8th at the Bedford High School hypnotist show. There will also be a winter movie night sometime in January. Both of these events will directly raise money toward UpReach and help spread awareness of the organization. The members of the club are excited for this event and are looking forward to helping out in the community. One student stated, “I can share my passion for being a volunteer at UpReach with others. I also love the fact that we can make a difference”. Members are working hard to improve the community and are hopeful that in the future, awareness of UpReach will continue to grow and bring people closer to one another.