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Empty Bowls 2017

A few weeks ago, on November 9th, the annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser took place in the BHS cafeteria. The fundraiser utilized ceramic bowls made by the Art Honor Society at Bedford High, and all proceeds from the event went to either the New Horizons Soup Kitchen in Manchester or the Bedford High School’s Art Program.

The event was organized and run by Tori Pratt and Alex Portela as part of their CAS Project, something that all IB Diploma candidates must complete. BHS’s Art Honor Society also helped run the event.  The bowls were sold with soup and bread donated by local businesses, and attendees were able to eat soup and admire pieces of art created by members of the Honor Society as well.

Tori Pratt comments about how the event went:  “Overall it was a great success! We had over 130 people come and eat the 20 gallons of soup donated. We raised over 1,300 dollars for a great cause!” Fundraiser attendees also spoke about the night in a positive way: “The soup was delicious, the bowls were beautiful, and it was great to know my donation was for a good cause!”

This event occurs annually and new students take the lead in running it each year. Hopefully, in the future, the event will be even better!


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