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Aspiring young voices in art

With self expression and finding out who you are as a person being such key aspects of high school, art at Bedford High School allows for deeper investigation into yourself. I recently spoke with Ellie Mitchell, a junior at Bedford High School who is an artist herself and has participated in many of the art programs here at BHS, about art from a teenager’s perspective.

Ellie is an aspiring artist among many other high school students and she provides insight into art and self expression within the personal journey that is young adulthood. She is a talented artist that explores a variety of topics and subject matters through different means and is a perfect example of the creativity at BHS. When interviewed about her style, Ellie describes it as “contemporary and heavily influenced by street art and photography”. Her artwork is inspired by quite serious topics such as political and social issues in the world around her. Young artists sometimes have the most powerful messages and outlooks on life in their art. Ellie covers topics of peace and strives to “make people think and question things that people don’t want to talk about”. Art provides a platform for young artists to express their views in a world where they are otherwise ignored.

Ellie lists Mr. Brainwash, Sebastiao Salgado, Lynsey Addario and Banksy as some of her inspirations and influences who all have a large following for their art that mainly comments on world events and society. While the whole point of art is self expression, it is especially important for young people to express themselves and their perspectives on these world events and their society.  Ellie discusses how self expression is so important and art allows artists to express their views openly.  She feels that “it is an artist’s duty to question things that people don’t want to talk about”.

Bedford High School is especially welcoming of the arts and self expression. Ellie is an example of a student that has utilized many of the artistic opportunities that BHS has.  She has been able to hone her creativity in IB Art, Art Club, Art Honor Society as well as some of the other art classes offered. She says that these are great resources for young artists as it allows for you to bounce ideas off of other like minded people.  It is a great way to see different perspectives and collaborate with people who also have a sense of self and further your own self expression in a great environment. Bedford High School lets students express themselves through creative means through their crucial years.