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Stranger Things 2 Debut

If you have not already watched Netflix’s Stranger Things, you are missing out.  The show recently debuted its second season on the streaming service and the story has developed even further.  The characters have greatly developed and its hard not to fall in love with them and the show.  With only 10 episodes in each season, it is easy to binge watch and quickly develop an obsession.

I do not want to give away any spoilers but to give a brief synopsis of the show, it takes place during the 1980s.  The 80s is the ideal setting for such a show as during that time many sci-fi type movies and shows were coming out.  This was a popular time for sci-fi in film with movies like ET, The Thing, Aliens and Blade Runner.  Stranger Things is a modern take on the genre but still keeps a retro feel to the setting and characters.  Watchers can see such an influence in the clothing and cars and music used throughout the show and definitely allows for an interesting setting for a science fiction genre as the decade is on the cusp of technology.

The show deals with an alternate dimension making impacts in Indiana.  A main part of the cast is children.  These kids are young teenagers and already are seasoned professionals. They star alongside more well-known actors such as Winona Ryder and David Harbour.  Having kids as the main stars allows for a younger audience while having bigger names like Winona Ryder involved attracts older fans.  The show truly is perfect for everyone and even if you do not like science fiction, it’s hard not to love the characters.

The show’s originality is unlike any other show currently coming out.  It revives a dying genre as it is targeted towards a younger audience not familiar with this type of sci-fi.  While science fiction is still prevalent in film today, it is typically backed by large budget, big screen special effects.  This show steers away from that somewhat do to the setting and instead creates a more feel-good type show with a relatability.

With the third season not coming out until late next year, now is the time to catch up.  Stranger Things is the perfect, bingeable, new show to add to your watch list and is a must see for everyone.