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Bedford Finance Society: the business initiative

With the start of a new year, several of Bedford High School’s students have decided to create new clubs to pursue their interests. One of these clubs is Bedford Finance Society. Bedford Finance Society is a club that meets on Mondays during advisory period and is a group that branches out into an organization that is not associated with BHS. This organization, known as Bedford Junior Investors, was created by 2017 Bedford graduate Yianni Dimos. Although it a private group, members of the current board wanted to bring the club to BHS so that more could learn about business and finance, as well as economics. Therefore, the club now known as Bedford Finance Society was created to reach out to students that may be looking to join Bedford Junior Investors.

Ishaan Chatterjee, a current senior here at BHS, explains the idea behind Bedford Finance Society, stating that the driving point behind the club is to “get an idea of economics and expose people to business ideas [and] investing because it is really important to understand the value of money and how to properly invest it as you get older.” Chatterjee, as well as other club members, wishes that the club will “better introduce high schoolers into different types of finance.”

Bedford Finance Society also sets a basis for students to join Bedford Junior Investors, a branch of Bedford Finance Society that exposes students to real life business, giving people the rare opportunity to actively understand the ways in which what they learn can be applied to the real world. Bedford Junior Investors is a charity club that goes around to businesses and proposes plans that ask those businesses to donate a certain percentage of profit to charities. Last year, as a completely private club, Bedford Junior Investors raised $4,000. Chatterjee comments on the money they had raised, stating that the club had raised “a significantly large amount…and is looking to raise double that amount this year.”

Now, Bedford Finance Society stands as one of the only clubs focused on teaching high schoolers how to deal with investments and money in the real world. The club hopes that more students will join so that the club continues on in upcoming years. For any looking to become more involved in business, Bedford Finance Society may just be a great fit.


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