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President- Elect Joe Biden Nominates Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation

Last week, Pete Buttigieg was nominated to be President- Elect Biden’s transportation secretary. The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor and former 2020 presidential candidate will be the first LGBTQ Cabinet secretary if his nomination makes it through the Senate. According to CNN, Biden picked Buttigieg because “Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a patriot and a problem-solver who speaks to the best of who we are as a nation” (CNN). CNN also mentions that this position could give Buttigieg the experience needed to run for president again in the future. Buttigieg spoke at the Biden headquarters on December 15th, and talked about his nomination. He mentioned the importance of the transportation industry to South Bend, Indiana, climate and infrastructure innovation, his own love for trains and transportation, and even how he proposed to his husband, Chasten, in an airport terminal. He then went on to explain the innovation of transportation in South Bend, and sustainability measures. One memorable quote from Buttigieg was “ At its best, transportation makes the American dream possible….At its worst, misguided policies and missed opportunities can reinforce racial, economic, and environmental injustice. Dividing or isolating neighborhoods, undermining the government’s basic role to empower everyone to thrive.” He then stated that the administration could deliver policies and resources to create jobs, rise to the climate challenge, and equitably serve all Americans while ensuring the safety of travelers and workers. 


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