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The College Search Process

Juniors, that time of beginning to look into our futures has begun! You may be concerned about the process, particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic. No fret, many schools are offering virtual Q&A sessions where they will talk about all of the different aspects of their schools. Though that experience will differ from an actual on-campus visit, schools are also offering virtual tours! Where a current student will walk you thought the campus and talk about every aspect. Another helpful thing many Colleges are offering right now are virtual tours through a website called WeVisit. In person visits may be suspended at most schools, but, a few schools are hosting ‘personal tours.’ Within these tours, you are assigned a personal tour guide for your family.

Although the general consensus is that virtual tours don’t quite measure up to the real thing, the guidance office is always sending out information regarding online tours. Get in contact with your counselor if you are interested in participating! Speaking with a faculty member of a prospective school offers valuable insight into the educational institution of your choice.

Though the search process may be much different than it has been in years past, you got this!!!


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