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The ‘Next Generation’ of Boy-Bands

Boy bands, come the year 2020, are, seemingly, a thing of the past. Gone are those familiar days of that 2010’s era of fun, cheerful music that could just as easily be in 5sos’s new album as it could any coming-of-age, early 2000’s film. Many seem to remember a particular moment in time that marked the decisive end of this colorful boy-band era: March 25th, 2015. The day Zayn Malik his massively popular band; the one, the only, One Direction. After 1D split in 2015, fans worldwide were distraught. However, this fandom tragedy did not halt the formation of new boy-bands hopping on the trend, and once-mourning fans quickly jumped at the opportunity to idolize these new groups. Here is a decisive rundown of some boy-bands that are relevant in the modern day, for your nostalgic, shoulder-swaying pleasure:

Why Don’t We is the incredibly popular band consisting of five members. 18 year old Zach Herron, 20 year old Jack Avery, 21 year old Daniel Seavey, 21 year old Corbyn Besson, and, 21 year old Jonah Marais. The band’s “Trust Fund Baby”, “What Am I”, and, “8 Letters”, are among their most popular songs. Over the summer you may have even heard one of their 12/12 singles “I Still Do.” The band has put out two EP’s and in 2018 they released their first studio album; 8 Letters. Currently the band is taking the first half of 2020 to produce their next studio album which many fans are not so patiently waiting for.

PRETTYMUCH is an American-Canadian band with once again five members. 20 year old Brandon Arreaga, 21 year old Edwin Honoret, 22 year old Austin Porter, 22 year old Nick Mara, and, 20 year old Zion Kuwonu. “Would You Mind”, “Phases”, and, “Summer on You”, are among their most popular songs. I personally like Would you Mind, Teacher , and, 10,000 hours. The band has put out three EP’s their most recently released one was released in early 2019. Right now they filming and putting out Vlogs and have been saying per their Instagram that they are going to start releasing new music as soon as they can.

New Hope Club, unlike most boy bands is a trio. The British group made up of 21 year old Reece Bibbly, 20 year old Blake Richardson, and, 21 year old George Smith.  Their most popular songs are: “Know Me Too Well”, “Love Again”, and, “Medicine.” The band has put out two EP albums and their first studio album was released in February of this year 2020. Recently NHC released a single titled ‘Worse.’

In Real Life is an American boy-band that is made up of the five winners of the reality show Boy Band. The winners were 18 year old Brady Tutton, 22 year old Chance Perez, 22 year old Drew Ramos, 19 year old Sergio Calderon, and, 20 year old Connor Smith. Some of their popular songs include my personal favorite “Crazy AF”, and, “She do.” The band has put out multiple singles and their title album; She do was released in August 2019. As of January 20th the band has split up due to the many offers each member was made.