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Some Good News

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have plunged us into a metaphorical ‘pit of darkness’ with a lot of negativity. There are those who are trying to bring the light to the darkness. Those like actor: John Krasinski who took to social media to spread positivity and bring joy to all. Krasinski puts out weekly videos or ‘episodes.’ He sets up the videos with positive news stories or just things that made people smile and compiles them in a news telecast type video. He recognizes those who are making a difference like those who work in Healthcare, with videos and images. These videos provide a little sunshine to viewers days, with their positive message. Krasinski cracks jokes and makes references to past movies and shows he has been in. He often has his former co-stars make appearances over video chats. In the first episode Krasinski discusses that that week, The Office celebrated it’s 15th year anniversary. He was then joined with Co-star Steve Carell as they discussed fond memories and inside jokes intertwined with blooper videos. In the third episode, Krasinski teamed up with The Boston Red Sox and David Ortiz and surprised members of the COVID Unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center a day to remember. On a Video call with the unit members Ortiz told the team that The Red Sox had donated four tickets to Beth Israel at Fenway park for life. You can read the full story here. This Random Act of Kindness and others like that take place on the channel. Providing a light in the darkness for many. Thank you.


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