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Inside the Highly-Regarded National Honor Society

MorningbirdPhoto / Pixabay

Every year, tens of thousands of students are inducted into National Honor Society chapters across the United States and outlying territories. The highly-regarded honor society acknowledges and further empowers students in four areas: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Undoubtedly, these characteristics are essential for students dreaming to become the future leaders of society. Once screened and inducted into National Honor Society, students are urged to participate in service projects and are able to receive opportunities for college admission and financial aid planning, as well as for scholarships and leadership development. But how exactly are students screened and inducted into this greatly-coveted society? 

At Bedford High School, the application process is quite extensive. After meeting the minimum GPA requirement (3.5+), students in their junior or senior year will receive an invite to a google classroom where they will begin their application process. Students are asked to identify a leadership role they have taken on and reflect upon it through an essay that is more than 1 but less than 2 pages. In this essay, it is expected that the student demonstrate resourcefulness, positive influence on peers, initiative, the ability to delegate responsibilities, and/or inspiration. The essay isn’t the only part of the application though. Students must also demonstrate a commitment to service by filling out a form that shows that they have been involved in community service for their first two years of high school. They also need to request a recommendation from a teacher that knows them well and can attest to their character.

The application process begins in Quarter 1 and notifications of acceptance are released early on in Quarter 2. On January 14th, 120 students at BHS will be inducted into the Bedford chapter of the National Honor Society. The majority of these students are juniors, although there are several seniors entering the honor society as well. Here are the names of these outstanding students:

Eva Adorno-Martinez, Scott Anderson, Olivia Arangio, Olivia Archard, Morgan Ats, Emet Baker, Jasper Bator, Jake Beaudin, Owen Bechert, William Beck, Lucy Benn, Lia Berman, Angelika Bouley, Christina Braga, Juliana Braga, Marina Braga, Miles Bruno, Carolyn Calegari, Laura Callahan, Taylor Capello, Nicholas Casale, McKenna Casey, Brycen Catania, Srinivaas Chetlur, Emma Chisholm, Rachel Citron, Carley Citron , Cameron Climer, Bethan Colangelo, Hannah Collins, Emma Connors, Toren Coulter, Daniel Cronin, Thomas Crowther, Joseph Delacey, Ava Dorow, William Enners, Meghan Farnum, Matthew Ferrucci, Nicole Fessenden, Cailee Figler, Matthew Flanagan, Rori Forte, Emma Fournier, Sophia Fulton, Zachary Gamache, Christopher Gangwer, Chelsea Gerali, Lauren Gibson, Geetika Godavarthy, Nikhil Gottemukkala, Abby Guerette, Gabriel Guertin, Madison Gunning, Meghan Hatem, Samuel Izsak, Heather Johnson, Jamie Karr, Jasmeet Kaur, Christa Kimball, Isabella King, Paige Letzelter, Shea Lucontoni, Avery Manni, Mia Marchand, Amber Martin, Chase McAllister, Jennifer McDonald, Colin McGinty, Keely McMonigle, Jason Merk, McKenzie Muir, Paige Muir, Vidhur Narayan, Emily O’Brien, Kathleen O’Connell, Jessie O’Leary, Brooke O’Neill, William Pagliarulo, Lindsey Peirson, Emily Perkins, Bryon Peters, Mary Provost, Mia Purcell , Ananya Rao, Garrett Redmond, Marley Rehm, Reagan Rick, Carly Rinko, Camden Roberts, Abigail Rocco, Leah Rohe, Jennifer Roy, Roisin Russell, Joshua Sears, Giovanni Senat, Aleeza Shah, Ava Simunovic, Mitchel Soederberg, Holly Souter, Oliver Spellicy, Sam Spencer, Molly Stevenson, Dylan Steward, Julia Strimling, Alex Sullivan, Taylor Suozzo, Isabelle Tagliaferro, Graham Theodore, Claire Thomassen, Meghan Thornton, Olivia Toolin, James Trent, Katherine Turner, Nitya Upadrasta, Alicia Vikstrom, Chase Villeneuve, Torrance Wagner, Felicia Walbridge, Bridget Zimmerman