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Area 51 Raid: Social Media is Getting Dangerous

My Thoughts?

Though the actual event seemed underwhelming, the Area 51 Raid build-up and memeage (superfluidity of memes, or social media trending jokes) will forever hold a place in what I will one day say was my childhood. Though the occurrence was something no one had ever expected it to be, I don’t think this will be the last of these type of events, where social media memes gain enormous traction and are brought in to movements in reality.

With the continuous development of new technology, our reality is becoming more intertwined with social media, and the dangers have shown to be present. Many times social media memes and joke content are taken to a degree where people put themselves at risk. The Area 51 Raid could have ended very badly if many people were to have crossed on to the military property. Other social media trends such as the Kiki challenge or the Bird Box challenge have also posed dangerous risks of social media influence.

The Area 51 Raid and these social media challenges reflect the susceptibility of our world to social media.

The stormy, overcasting internet cloud is lurking above us all…