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The spark Spirit Week needs

Fellow denizens of Bedford, Spirit Week is upon us yet again. And yet again, we have the same themed days as ever: Tropical Day, Decade Day, and Try-to-Look-Woke/America Day. This time around, I have to mourn how Pajama Day was ignominiously tossed aside, and for what? Jersey Day? That’s not fun, that’s just how Bedford boys dress. And let us not forget how all us seniors are shortchanged on decade day: the 90’s were not a good time for fashion, unless they really mean 1890’s.

The key to reviving Spirit Week is with different and exciting themes, instead of the same tired ideas (except Pajama Day, that should stay forever). Luckily, I have some wonderful suggestions: Space Day, so that everyone can break out those basic NASA shirts; Farmer Day, to venerate working-class heroes; Camo Day, for me to make really bad jokes about how I can’t see anyone; Pirate Day, to ahoy all your mateys; History Day, to wear tri-cornered hats and hope really hard that no one dresses like a Nazi; Holiday Day, so that Christmas sweaters can be worn proudly more than once a year with Halloween socks; or even Meme Day, which has a lot of potential for second-hand embarrassment, but at least would be good for some laughs.

However, the point is not the greatness of my ideas, but rather the lack of spirit in the themes for this year’s Spirit Week. By reusing these same ideas ad nauseum, the spark in the undertaking has died out. Anybody who owns a tropical shirt wears the exact same outfit for Tropical Day that they always have, and anyone who doesn’t will just ignore the Day again. I believe that with more variety of themes, we could see a little revitalization in the spirit of Spirit Week, instead of its current form as a ghost of worn out ideas wandering the school halls.