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Thumbs up for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

On October 26, Netflix released yet another series that would have the teen population captivated for an entire weekend binge-watching. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or CAOS, is an adaptation of the original comic series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, it takes a much darker take from the contrasting light and fun tone in the original Sabrina stories.

Sabrina Spellman is back again, but with a twist; she and her beloved aunts are worshiping the devil, performing exorcisms, and conjuring curses. This is very different from the light-hearted spells appearing on ABC. So, it is safe to say that Netflix wanted to take the original show and make something completely different with it.

Kiernan Shipka stars as Sabrina Spellman alongside Ross Lynch who plays Harvey Kinkle. The onscreen chemistry between not only the lovebirds but the entire cast aids in the refreshing development of the characters. Although Sabrina Spellman is predictably scripted as your typical teen in high school with a big secret, the rest of the cast carries a tone encompassed with satire which sets it apart from other shows that are targeted to teens. I personally enjoyed the show due to the mysterious and unique premise – it is really just something different, and I think networks are definitely picking up on the success of past adaptations.

This darker spin specifically on classic comics seems to be the new trend in television. As the supernatural always had its place in the mainstream media culture, these new spinoffs take it in a whole new direction. Riverdale, an adaptation of the Archie Comics, took the premise of the comics and added the element of a murder in the town. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is furthermore connected to the world of Riverdale as well; Greendale, the town in which CAOS takes place, is often referenced as the neighboring town to Riverdale. However, Greendale is seldom mentioned in Riverdale since that is the town that Jason Blossom chose as his getaway. This furthers the sense of supernatural in Greendale with quotes such as “You never know in Greendale” from characters in Riverdale.

It also seems that this series was a long time coming from the Riverdale creators. It always baffles me at how far in advance writers and directors think to pull off a storyline like this. Overall, I would say that the series was good and that it is also a bit edgier as it references horror films such as The Exorcist without it being too scary.

To wrap it up, the show does not appear to be slowing by any means. The cast has already been filming due to the show being renewed for Season Two that could come out as early as February. I think that this show will go on as long as Riverdale just based on the fact that the two work in tandem with each other. I am excited to see where the show goes now that a resolution was presented in regards to Sabrina’s inner turmoil with becoming a witch or a mortal, although that was a very predictable plot development. As a final thought, I think the show will only improve as the show continues and becomes more complex.