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To commence or not to commence: Christmas music

When the holiday season comes around each year, the argument of when you should start listening to Christmas music is almost always brought up: Is it okay to start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, or should you wait until the day after to start getting into the holiday spirit? Many feel that it is never too early to start listening to holiday music, in order to boost your mood and excitement for Christmas. If you are ever having a bad day, and you start listening to Christmas music, it may bring up your mood. Christmas music often makes me think about the time of giving, love, happiness, and spending time with your family and friends.

According to a survey answered by students of BHS, the popular opinion was that it is okay to start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving: twelve students voted yes, and only one put their vote in for listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving as not being acceptable. Yes, it may be early to get into the holiday spirit before Thanksgiving, but why not get excited and ready for a season of joy!


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